Aperte is a PHP script for running a flatfile blogging site.

This software is a draft: it is considered incomplete and there are plans to add or change information contained in it.

This document represents something that is abandoned: no longer being maintained. If you would like to take ownership of the project, please send emsenn an email.

This software was written by me, emsenn, and is released for the benefit of the public under the terms included in the "License" supplement. It was made possible with financial contributions from humans like you. Please direct comments to my public inbox or, if necessary, my personal email.

This software is implemented using the literate programming paradigm. The "software" being presented is included as sections of code, within a longer piece of prose which explains the code's purpose and usage. For a more complete explanation of my implementation of the paradigm, see "Literate Programming" in my Style Manual.


 * Aperte, an unconstrained and simple blogging system.
 *   Copyright (C) 2008 emsenn (http://www.canland.net)
 *   A fork of OpenBlag, by Marz (http://tehmarz.com/blag/)
 * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

$blogserv = true;
//$ext_dir = "../../../passes/";

if(isset($ext_dir)) $passfile = (($blogserv && strrpos(__FILE__,$_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"])+strlen($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]) == strlen(__FILE__))?$ext_dir:"../".$ext_dir).str_replace("/","_",$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])."_pass.txt";
else $passfile = "./passwd.txt";

  define("TITLE", "New Blog");
  define("DESC", "Welcome to your new Aperte blog. Please <a href=\"./?mode=config\">configure your installation</a>.");
  define("SERVMSG", "This is an <a href=\"http://www.canland.net/aperte/\">Aperte</a> server. Aperte is a free and open source blogging service with a minimalist approach. Unlike most alternative blogging services, Aperte is simple and clean, and dedicated to remaining lightweight - providing you want you need and nothing else. If you would like to create a blog, please put your desired blog name in the box below, and click Submit.");
  define("PPP", 5);
  define("RECENT", 10);
  define("COMMENT", false);
  define("DATES", "g:ia F jS, Y");
  define("BANNER", "#369");
  define("HEADER", "#fff");
  define("BODYBG", "#ddd");
  define("PAGEBG", "#fff");
  define("BORDER", "#000");
  define("TITLES", "#000");
  define("TEXT", "#000");
  define("FAINT", "#666");
  define("LINK", "#036");
  define("HOVER", "#369");
  define("ACTIVE", "#69c");
  $comment = false;
  foreach(file("./config.txt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES) as $item){
    $pair = explode("\t",$item);
    if($pair[0] == "COMMENT") $comment = true;
  if(!$comment) define("COMMENT", false);
define("MODE", isset($_GET["mode"])?$_GET["mode"]:"view");
define("PAGE", isset($_GET["page"])?$_GET["page"]:1);
define("POST", isset($_GET["post"])?$_GET["post"]:"");
define("SERV", ($blogserv && strrpos(__FILE__,$_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"])+strlen($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]) == strlen(__FILE__)));
if(SERV && file_exists($passfile)){ define("PPP",""); define("RECENT",""); define("DATES",""); define("TITLES","");}
if(!defined("SERVMSG")) define("SERVMSG","");
list($uerr,$perr,$terr,$body,$return) = "";
$posts = array();
$bbcguide = "<br/><br/><strong>BBCode:</strong> <tt>[b]<strong>bold</strong>[/b] [i]<em>italics</em>[/i] [u]<span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">underlined</span>[/u] [s]<s>strikethrough</s>[/s] [code]<tt>codestyle</tt>[/code] [url]link[/url] [url=link]text[/url] [img]link[/img]</tt>";
$updated = false;

function article($id,$def=false,$com=false,$comonly=false){
  global $posts,$return, $NAME, $bbcguide, $uerr;
    (key_exists($id,$posts) && is_readable("./post/$id.txt"))?$content = explode("\n\n",file_get_contents("./post/$id.txt")):$content = array(time()."\t".TITLE."\tOops!","That isn't a valid post.");
    $j = false;
    foreach($content as $block){
	$info = explode("\t",trim($block)); $title = $info[2];
	$date = date(DATES,$info[0])." "; $author = "by ".$info[1];
	$return = "<div class=\"post\" id=\"post:$id\"><h2><a href=\"./?post=$id\">$title</a></h2><div class=\"sign\">$date$author</div>\n<div class=\"content\">\n";
	$j = true;
	if($def) $NAME = $title;
    else $return .= "<div>".trim($block)."</div>\n";
    $return .= "</div>\n";
  $iscom = is_readable("./comments/$id.txt");
	$_comment = isset($_POST["comment"])?bbcodify(strip_tags($_POST["comment"])):"";
	$_name = $_POST["name"]!==""?$_POST["name"]:"Anonymous";
	if(md5($_POST['turing']) !== $_POST["captcha"]) $return = "<div class=\"post\"><strong>Sorry, you didn't pass the captcha test.</strong> Scroll down to try again.</div>".$return;
	  if(!is_readable("./comments/")) mkdir("./comments/");
	  fwrite(fopen("./comments/".POST.".txt","a"), ($iscom?"\n\n":"").time()."\t".$_name."\n".$_comment);
	  $return = "<div class=\"post\"><strong>Your comment has been added.</strong></div>".$return;
	  list($_comment,$_name) = "";
    $return .= "<div id=\"comments\" class=\"comment\">";
      $comments = array_reverse(explode("\n\n",file_get_contents("./comments/$id.txt")));
      $comcnt = count($comments);
      $return .= "$comcnt comments.";
	for($i = 1;$i <= count($comments);$i++){
	  $arr = explode("\n",$comments[$i-1]);
	  $info = explode("\t",array_shift($arr));
	  $return .= "<div id=\"comment:$i\" class=\"comment\">".(MODE=="manage"?"<input name=\"c$i\" value=\"".($i-1)."\" type=\"checkbox\" />":"").date(DATES,$info[0])." by ".$info[1]."<div>\n".implode($arr)."\n</div>\n</div>\n";
    else $return .= "No comments.";
    if(!POST) $return .= " <a href=\"./?post=".$id."\">Go to post.</a>";
    if(POST && $comonly==false){
      $return .= $bbcguide.make_form("./?post=".POST, array(array("name", "Name $uerr", "text", isset($_POST["name"])?$_POST["name"]:"", false),array("comment", "Comment", "textarea", isset($_comment)?$_comment:"", true, 6),array("captcha","")));
  return "$return</div>\n";

function bbcodify($toparse){
  return $toparse = str_replace(array("\r\n","\n<br/>","\n","\\","@<script[^>]*?>.*?</script>@si"),array("\n","\n","\n<br/>","",""),preg_replace(array("/\[b\](.*)\[\/b\]/i","/\[i\](.*)\[\/i\]/i","/\[url\](.*)\[\/url\]/i","/\[url=(.*)\](.*)\[\/url\]/i","/\[img\](.*)\[\/img\]/i","/\[u\](.*)\[\/u\]/i","/\[s\](.*)\[\/s\]/i","/\[code\](.*)\[\/code\]/i"),array("<strong>$1</strong>","<em>$1</em>","<a href=\"$1\">$1</a>","<a href=\"$1\">$2</a>","<img src=\"$1\"/>","<span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">$1</span>","<s>$1</s>","<pre>$1</pre>"),$toparse));

function html2rgb($color){
  if ($color[0] == '#') $color = substr($color, 1);
  if(strlen($color)==3) $color = $color[0].$color[0].$color[1].$color[1].$color[2].$color[2];
  if(strlen($color)!==6) return false;
  list($r, $g, $b) = array(hexdec($color[0].$color[1]),hexdec($color[2].$color[3]),hexdec($color[4].$color[5]));
  return array($r, $g, $b);

function captcha(){
  list($bgc,$lnc,$txtc)= array(html2rgb(PAGEBG),html2rgb(BODYBG),html2rgb(TEXT));
  $width = 140; $height = 70; $im = imagecreate($width, $height);
  $bg = imagecolorallocate($im, $bgc[0],$bgc[1],$bgc[2]);
  $text_color = imagecolorallocate($im, $txtc[0],$txtc[1],$txtc[2]);
  $_POST['captcha_code'] = $string = substr(md5(microtime()),0,5);
  for($i = 0; $i < 20; $i++) {
    $line_color = imagecolorallocate($im, $lnc[0]+rand(0,150),$lnc[1]+rand(0,150),$lnc[2]+rand(0,150));
    $rand_x = rand(0, $width - 50); $rand_y = rand(0, $height - 40);
    if($i == 10) for($c = 0; $c <5; $c++) imagestring($im, 5, $rand_x+($c*10), $rand_y+rand(0,20), $string[$c], $text_color);
    imageline($im, rand(0, $width - 1), rand(0, $height - 1), $rand_x_2 = rand(0, $width - 1), $rand_y_2 = rand(0, $height - 1), $line_color);

function check_pass($user,$pass,$admin=false){
  global $passfile;
    foreach(file($passfile,FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES) as $pwd){
      $pwd_r = explode("\t",$pwd);
      if(strtolower($pwd_r[0]) == strtolower($user)) return (hash("whirlpool",$pass) == $pwd_r[1]? 2 : 1);
  return 0;

function make_form($action,$form,$end=true){
  $return = "";
  foreach($form as $item){
    $return .= "<div class=\"block\">\n<label for=\"i_".$item[0]."\">".$item[1]."</label>\n<br/>";
    if($item[0] == "captcha") $return .="<img src=\"./captcha.png\"><input type=\"hidden\" id=\"captcha\" name=\"captcha\" value=\"".md5($_POST["captcha_code"])."\"/><div class=\"block\">\n<label for=\"turing\">Prove you're human, type the five characters. (If you can't read them, refresh.)</label><br/><input id=\"turing\" name=\"turing\" type=\"text\">";
    elseif($item[2] == "checkbox") $return .= "<input id=\"i_".$item[0]."\" name=\"".$item[0]."\" type=\"".$item[2]."\" value=\"1\" ".($item[3]?"checked":"")."/>";
    elseif($item[2] == "textarea") $return .= "<textarea id=\"i_".$item[0]."\" name=\"".$item[0]."\" cols=\"0\" rows=\"".$item[5]."\"".($item[4]?" class=\"expand\"":"").">".str_replace("&","&amp;",$item[3])."</textarea>";
    elseif($item[2] == "image") $return .="<img src=\"".$item[3]."\"/>".$item[4];
    else $return .= "<input id=\"i_".$item[0]."\" name=\"".$item[0]."\" type=\"".$item[2]."\" ".($item[4]?"class=\"expand\" ":"")."value=\"".str_replace("\"","&quot;",$item[3])."\" />";
    $return .= "\n</div>\n";
  if($end) $return .= "<div class=\"submit\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit\" /></div>\n</form>\n";
  return "<form action=\"$action\" method=\"post\">\n$return";

  $fo = file("./posts.txt",FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES);
  foreach($fo as $post){
    $info = explode("\t",$post);
    $posts[$info[0]] = $info[1];

if(count($posts) > 0 && !SERV){
  $side = (RECENT >0)?"<div class=\"head\">Recent Posts</div>\n<ul>\n":"";
  foreach(array_slice(array_reverse($posts),0,RECENT) as $id=>$title) $side .= "<li><a href=\"./?post=$id\">$title</a></li>\n";
  $side .= "</ul>\n";

if(MODE == "config"){
  $_title = isset($_POST["title"])?$_POST["title"]:"";
    $_name = $_POST["name"]; $_pass = $_POST["pass"];
    if(!$_name) $uerr = "<strong>required</strong>";
      $ret = check_pass($_name,$_pass,true);
      if($ret == 0) $uerr = "<strong>incorirect</strong>";
      elseif($ret == 1) $perr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
    if(!$_POST["title"]) $terr = " <strong>required</strong>";
    if(!$uerr && !$perr && !$terr){
      $confs = array();
      foreach($_POST as $key => $val){
	if($key == "title" || $key == "desc") $val = bbcodify($val);
	if($key != "name" && $key != "pass") array_push($confs,strtoupper($key)."\t".str_replace("\\","",$val));
      fwrite(fopen("./config.txt","w"), implode("\n",$confs));
      if(!is_readable($passfile)) fwrite(fopen($passfile,"w"), str_replace("\t"," ",$_name)."\t".hash("whirlpool",$_pass));
      $updated = true;
    (!is_readable($passfile))?$set = "Set ":$set = "";
    $body .= "<h2>Management tools</h2>
      <ul><li><a href=\"./?mode=accounts&amp;action=create\">Create an account</a></li><li><a href=\"./?mode=accounts&amp;action=delete\">Delete an account.</a></li></ul><h2>Basic and Style Options</h2>";
    $form = array(
      array("name", "$set Admin Username $uerr", "text", "", false),
      array("pass", "<strong>$set Admin Password</strong> $perr", "password", "", false),
      array("title", "Blog Title $terr", "text", TITLE, true),
      array("desc", "Blog Description", "text", DESC, true),
      array("servmsg", "Server Message", "textarea", defined("SERVMSG")?SERVMSG:"", true, 4),
      array("comment", "Comments enabled", "checkbox", COMMENT, false),
      array("ppp", "Posts per page", "text", PPP, false),
      array("recent", "Number of \"recent posts\"", "text", RECENT, false),
      array("dates", "<a href=\"http://uk3.php.net/date\" target=\"_new\">Date format</a>", "text", DATES, false),
      array("banner", "Banner color", "text", BANNER, false),
      array("header", "Header color", "text", HEADER, false),
      array("bodybg", "Page background color", "text", BODYBG, false),
      array("pagebg", "Body background color", "text", PAGEBG, false),
      array("border", "Border color", "text", BORDER, false),
      array("titles", "Post titles", "text", TITLES, false),
      array("text", "Text color", "text", TEXT, false),
      array("faint", "Faint text color", "text", FAINT, false),
      array("link", "Link color", "text", LINK, false),
      array("hover", "Hovered link color", "text", HOVER, false),
      array("active", "Active link color", "text", ACTIVE, false));
    if(!SERV) array_splice($form,4,1);
      array_splice($form,5,1); array_splice($form,5,1); array_splice($form,5,1); array_splice($form,5,1); array_splice($form,10,1);
    $body .= make_form("./?mode=config", $form);

  if(MODE == "directory"){
    $dir_handle = @opendir("./");
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($dir_handle))){
	foreach(file("./$file/config.txt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES) as $item){
	  $pair = explode("\t",$item);
	  if($pair[0] == "TITLE") $dir_list[$file] = $pair[1];
    foreach($dir_list as $key => $value){
	$body .= "<strong><a href=\"./$key\">/$key/</a></strong> - ".$value."<br/>";
    isset($_POST["name"])?$_name = $_POST["name"]:$_name = "";
      if(preg_match("/\W/",$_name) == 1) $uerr = "That blog name is invalid! Please use characters A-z, 0-9, and underscores only.";
      elseif(is_readable("./$_name/")) $uerr = "That blog already exists!";
      elseif(md5($_POST['turing']) !== $_POST["captcha"]) $uerr = "Sorry, you didn't pass the captcha test.";
	$fo = fopen("./$_name/index.php","w");
	fwrite($fo, "<?php include(\"../index.php\");?>");
	fwrite($fo, "TITLE\t$_name's Blog");
	header("Location: ./$_name/");
    $body .= "<div class=\"post\">".SERVMSG."<br/><br/><strong>".(isset($uerr)?"<br/>$uerr":"")."</strong></div>\n".make_form("./", array(array("name", "Blog name? (Your blog will become http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]."/aperte/yourblogname/ - Case sensitive.", "text", "", false), array("captcha","")));

elseif(MODE == "accounts"){
  if(!is_readable($passfile)) $body = "You must <a href=\"./?mode=config\">configure your blog</a> before you can do anything!";
  $action = $_GET["action"];
    $_name = $_POST["name"];$_pass = $_POST["pass"];
    if(!$_name) $uerr = "<strong>required</strong>";
      $ret = check_pass($_name,$_pass,true);
      if($ret == 0) $uerr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
      elseif($ret == 1) $perr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
      (is_readable($passfile)) ? $passwd = file($passfile,FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES) : $passwd = array();
      $i = 0;
      foreach($passwd as $pwd){
	$pwd_r = explode("\t",$pwd);
	if(strtolower($pwd_r[0]) == strtolower($_POST["acc_name"])){
	  $exists = true;
	  if($action == "delete"){
	    $aerr = "deleted";
      if($action == "create") (isset($exists)) ? $aerr = " <strong>already exists</strong>" : array_push($passwd, $_POST["acc_name"]."\t".hash("whirlpool",$_POST["acc_pass"]));
      elseif(!$exists) $aerr = "<strong>doesn't exist</strong>";
      fwrite(fopen($passfile,"w"), implode("\n",$passwd));
      $updated = true;
    $aerr = isset($aerr)?$aerr:"";
    $form = array(array("name", "Admin Username $uerr", "text", "", false),array("pass", "Admin Password $perr", "password", "", false),array("acc_name", "Account Username <strong>$aerr</strong>", "text", "", false));
    if($action == "create" || $action == "delete"){
      if($action == "create") array_push($form, array("acc_pass", "Account Password", "password", "", false));
      $body .= make_form("./?mode=accounts&amp;action=$action", $form);

elseif(MODE == "create" || MODE == "edit"){
  if(!is_readable($passfile)) $body = "You must <a href=\"./?mode=config\">configure your blog</a> before you can do anything!";
  if(MODE == "edit" && !is_readable("./post/".POST.".txt")) $body = "<div class=\"post\">Sorry, this post doesn't exist.</div>";
  elseif(MODE == "edit"){
    $fo = file("./post/".POST.".txt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);
    $meta = explode("\t",array_shift($fo));
    list($_time,$_name,$_title)= array($meta[0],$meta[1],$meta[2]);
    if(!isset($_POST["content"])) $_content = implode("\n",$fo);
    $_time = time();
    $_name = trim((isset($_POST["name"])?$_POST["name"]:""));
  if(!isset($_content) && isset($_POST["content"])) $_content= $_POST["content"];
  if(!isset($_title) && isset($_POST["title"])) $_title = str_replace("\\","",trim($_POST["title"]));
  $_content = isset($_content)?bbcodify(str_replace("\\","",trim($_content))):"";
  $_title = isset($_title)?bbcodify(str_replace("\t"," ",$_title)):"";
  if(!$body && isset($_POST["content"])){
    if(!$_name) $uerr = "<strong>required</strong>";
      $ret = check_pass($_name,$_POST["pass"]);
      if($ret == 0) $uerr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
      elseif($ret == 1) $perr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
    if(!$_title) $terr = " <strong>required</strong>";
    if(MODE == "create"){
      $post = strtolower(preg_replace(array("/\W/","/\\s+/"),array("","_"),$_title));
      if(strlen($post) == 0) $terr = " <strong>invalid</strong>";
	$post = $post.str_repeat("_",$i);
    else $post = POST;
    if(!$uerr && !$perr && !$terr){
      $delete = (MODE == "edit" && isset($_POST["delete"]));
	if(!is_readable("./post/")) mkdir("./post/");
	fwrite(fopen("./post/$post.txt","w"), "$_time\t$_name\t$_title\n\n".str_replace("\r\n","\n",$_content));
      else $posts[$post] = $_title;
      $fo = fopen("./posts.txt","w");
      foreach($posts as $id=>$title) fwrite($fo, "$id\t$title\n");
      $fo = fopen("./feed.rss","w");
      $link = "http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"].$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
      fwrite($fo, "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n<rss version=\"2.0\">\n<channel>\n<title>".TITLE."</title>\n<link>$link</link>\n<description>".DESC."</description>\n<pubDate>".date("r")."</pubDate>\n");
      foreach(array_slice(array_reverse($posts),0,RECENT) as $id=>$title){
	$content = explode("\n\n",file_get_contents("./post/$id.txt"));
	$info = explode("\t",trim(array_shift($content)));
	fwrite($fo, "<item>\n<title>$title</title>\n<guid>$link?post=$id</guid>\n<link>$link?post=$id</link>\n<description>".str_replace(array("<",">"),array("&lt;","&gt;"),htmlentities(implode("\n<br />",$content)))."</description>\n<pubDate>".date("r",$info[0])."</pubDate>\n</item>\n");
      fwrite($fo, "</channel>\n</rss>");
      header("Location: ./?post=$post");
    $body .= $bbcguide;
    $form = array(
      array("name", "Username $uerr", "text", $_name, false),
      array("pass", "Password $perr", "password", "", false),
      array("title", "Title $terr", "text", $_title, true),
      array("content", "Content", "textarea", $_content, true, 18));
    if(MODE == "edit") array_push($form,array("delete", "Delete Post", "checkbox", false, false));
    $body .= make_form("./?mode=".MODE.(POST?"&amp;post=".POST:""), $form);

elseif(COMMENT && MODE == "manage"){
  if(!key_exists(POST,$posts)) $body = "<div class=\"post\">Sorry, this post doesn't  exist.</div>";
  elseif(!is_readable("./comments/")) $body = "<div class=\"post\">Sorry, there aren't any comments for this post.</div>";
  elseif(count($_POST) > 0){
    $_name = $_POST["name"];
    if(!$_name) $uerr = "<strong>required</strong>";
      $ret = check_pass($_name,$_POST["pass"]);
      if($ret == 0) $uerr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
      elseif($ret == 1) $perr = "<strong>incorrect</strong>";
    if(!$uerr && !$perr && !$terr){
      $comments = explode("\n\n",file_get_contents("./comments/".POST.".txt"));
      $delete = array_slice($_POST,2);rsort($delete);
      foreach($delete as $num) array_splice($comments,$num,1);
      if(count($comments) == 0) unlink("./comments/".POST.".txt");
      else fwrite(fopen("./comments/".POST.".txt","w"), implode("\n\n",$comments));
      $body = article(POST,true,true);
  if(!$body) $body = make_form("./?mode=manage&amp;post=".POST, array(
    array("name", "Username $uerr", "text", isset($_name)?$_name:"", false),
    array("pass", "Password $perr", "password", "", false)),false).article(POST,true,true,true)."\n<div class=\"submit\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Delete Comments\" /></div>\n</form>\n";

elseif(POST) $body .= article(POST,true,true,false);

if(!SERV && !POST){
  if(count($posts)==0) (!file_exists($passfile)) ? $body .= "<div class=\"post\">This blog has not been configured yet. You MUST <a href=\"./?mode=config\">configure your blog</a> before you can do anything! There will soon be complete instructions." : $body .= "<div class=\"post\">".TITLE." doesn't seem to have any posts yet.</div>\n";
    if((PAGE-1)*PPP < count($posts)) foreach(array_slice(array_reverse($posts), (PAGE-1)*PPP, PPP) as $id=>$title) $body .= article($id);
    else $body .= "<div class=\"post\">Invalid page. ".TITLE." doesn't have this many posts.</div>\n";
    $pager = "<div id=\"pager\">".(PAGE==1?"&laquo;":"<a href=\"./?page=".(PAGE-1)."\">&laquo;</a>");
    for($i = 1; $i < (count($posts)/PPP)+1; $i++ ) $pager .= " ".($i==PAGE?"<strong>$i</strong>":"<a href=\"./?page=$i\">$i</a>");
    $pager .= " ".(PAGE>=(count($posts)/PPP)?"&raquo;":"<a href=\"./?page=".(PAGE+1)."\">&raquo;</a>")."</div>\n";

if($updated==true) header("Location: ./?updated=true");


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" dir="ltr">
    <title><?=TITLE.(isset($NAME)?': '.$NAME:'')?></title>
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
    <meta http-equiv="content-style-type" content="text/css" />
    <meta name="resource-type" content="document" />
      if(MODE != "view" && !SERV || MODE != "directory") echo "<meta name=\"robots\" content=\"noindex, nofollow\" />\n";
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