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Dream Computer



Like most people who use computers with regularity, I've come to have a personal definition of what my "perfect" computer would be. This document is an attempt to outline that specification, so when it comes time to buy a new device, I know exactly what I want.

It is a work-in-progress.


A clamshell convertible laptop which can unfold 360 degrees to become a tablet, with a roughly seven inch screen.




No clue


Something that doesn't really use power if not in use - so like ARM maybe? I don't know.




As long as it has a hardware off-switch. Something that allows hotspotting/peer sharing.



E-ink touchscreen, nearly no bezel on the long face with thick short-face bezels (for gripping in tablet)


Programmer's dvorak layout




A camera in the bezel, so paper can be leaned between the keyboard and screen and be photographed at a fixed distance.



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