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1 Editorial and License Information

This document was written by emsenn and is released as software under the terms included in the "License" supplement. Please direct comments to their public inbox or, if necessary, email.

2 Literate Programming

This document is implemented using the literate programming paradigm. The "software" being presented is included as sections of code, within a longer piece of prose which explains the code's purpose and usage. For a more complete explanation of my implementation of the paradigm, see "Literate Programming" in my Style Manual.

3 License

4 Draft

This document is a draft: it is incomplete in one or more ways.

5 Abandonware

This document represents something that is abandoned: no longer being maintained. If you would like to take ownership of the project, please send emsenn an email.

6 Document Context: Correspondence

This document was written as a piece of correspondence to a certain person or community, and should be read in that light.

This document was written as an advertisement. Please see the attached "Financial Disclosures" for complete information.

8 Financial Disclosures

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