An Honest Acknowledgement of the Gray Zone

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1 Introduction

In this essay I briefly argue that it is important to acknowledge the belief in a "gray zone" within the Muslim world.

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2 An Honest Aknowledgement of the Gray Zone

ISIS has made it clear they intend to go after those Muslims they consider "false." According to ISIS, these "gray zone" Muslims are more harmful to their goals than Westerners. The refugees approaching the United States from Syria are not fleeing Syria, they are fleeing ISIS, and ISIS has said they will follow those refugees.

Ignoring the stated goals of ISIS to claim there is no risk to accepting these refugees into our country is not honest.

Acknowledging that you are willing to take in the sheep from the wolf, and acknowledging the threat the wolf poses to you, is honest and brave.

I hope the United States accepts more refugees. I hope it doesn't bring us harm, but I acknowledge that risk.

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Date: 2015-11-16

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