Keep a Larder Inventory with Org-Mode and Ledger

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In this piece I'll explain how I'm maintaining an inventory of what's in my larder (kitchen: fridge and pantry) by keeping a personal log using Org-modeTK with ledger-cliTK.

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Keep a Larder Inventory with Org-mode and Ledger

Set up your tech stack.

  • [ ] Install Emacs.
  • [ ] Install Org-mode.
  • [ ] Configure Org-babel.

Create a log.

Create a header

#+TITLE: Larder Log
#+OPTIONS: c:t d:t

Lay out the datetree

* 2019
** 2019-01 January
*** 2019-01-01 Tuesday

Buy groceries

**** Shopping
#+BEGIN_SRC ledger :noweb yes :tangle larder-demo.ledger
2019/01/01 * Grocery Store
  Inventory:Larder:eggs                    4         @@ $0.99
  Inventory:Larder:sausage                 2    lbs  @@ $1.99
  Inventory:Larder:coffee                 90    tbsp @@ $3.99
  Supplier:Harris Teeter

Make coffee

**** Cooking
#+BEGIN_SRC ledger :noweb yes :tangle larder-demo.ledger
2019/01/01 * Coffee
  Inventory:Larder:coffee                 -3    tbsp

Make dinner

2019/01/01 * Dinner
  Inventory:Larder:eggs                   -4
  Inventory:Larder:sausage                -2    lbs



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Created: 2019-05-03 Fri 22:23