Operations Overhaul

Table of Contents

1 Service Process

1.1 Collect information from client

This step is collecting contemporary operations information from the client, and would be a combination of questionnaires and interviews.

1.2 Analyze client information

This step is giving some thought to what would work best for this client.

1.3 Develop operations package

This step is picking what operations framework and lexicon would work best for the client, and preparing their documentation.

1.3.1 Determine operations framework

This step is picking what hierarchy, system of reporting, task distribution, and so on, the organization should use.

1.3.2 Determine operations lexicon

This step is picking what language the client's documentation should be provided in. (Software development, business ops, emotional, funny).

1.3.3 Template operations package

This step is applying the previous decisions to a template to produce the client's documentation.

1.3.4 Specify company procedures

This step is providing specific procedures for the client's operations, in the style of its templated documentation.

1.4 Prepare operations package

This step is preparing the final documentation in appropriate formats.

1.5 Submit operations package.

This step is providing the package to Lynn for review.

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Created: 2019-04-29 Mon 00:38