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Yesterday, Comcast was caught blocking Paypal for users who opted in to their new monitoring service.

If you earn your money through any sort of online service or product, you should be treating "contacting your representatives" the same way you treat "having sales": absolutely necessary if you don't want outside circumstances to completely dictate how your company can operate.

Net Neutrality is repealed and without a heavy push for the Dems in the election, will stay repealed. (Make sure you're registered to vote, and keep checking your registration - don't forget the Russian state has said they are going to tamper in the election, and don't forget our President has explicitly forbidden any of our agencies from doing anything to prevent it.)

But today, you can take a simple action: click this link and start calling your representatives, telling them you oppose SESTA:

SESTA is supposedly to make it easier to stop sex trafficking, though the Department of Justice has released statements saying it will actually make it more difficult.

What it will do is further wall us into our existing platforms, chilling any new services that might try to develop, and significantly harming existing efforts. Services like Wikipedia will become criminal. You could be sent to prison for things people say in your Facebook group. Post a YouTube video and someone comments something inappropriate? That's your fault, and you can be fined.

It is bad enough that our online communication has been so heavily scoped by algorithms. Let's not tack on "and if you do it wrong, you go to jail!" to things, eh?

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