Personal Website

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

This document describes how I generate my personal website using Emacs and Org-mode: turning org files into HTML.

The actual configuration and code from this document can be extracted by tangling the source file using the command org-babel-tangle.

     .   |
     .   |
     .   |
     .     |personal-website/
     .                      |base.css
     .                      |html_head.html
     .                      |html_preamble.html
     .                      |html_postamble.html

The finished website is located under ~/org/pub/personal-website/, built from a combination of org source files in ~/org/src/ and ~org/build/personal-website/, which is populated from the source extracted from this document.

Created: 2019-04-29 Mon 00:38