Planning My Online Presence

1 Introduction

I created my first account in the Fediverse about a year ago, and now I'm planning how I'm going to contine my presence in the Fediverse, and online, now that I've pulled back from nearly every other platform.

The next section is a breakdown of the accounts I plan to have, and afterward, a section of Considerations, musings and caveats about the accounts listed above.

Note, I'm currently looking for help finding a few places, search this document for "TODO" to see what still needs work.

1.1 Editorial and Licensing Information

This essay is released under the MIT License and maintained at

2 Accounts

2.1 Federated

Location Purpose General socializing Syndication of in-progress and uncategorized writing Discussion of tabletop role-playing game design and playing. Syndication of tabletop role-playing game rules and adventures
TODO Discussion of MUD development and writing.
TODO Discussion of nerd stuff: Emacs, Org-mode, OpenBSD, web design

2.2 Legacy Social Media

Location Purpose Syndication of business and technology writing.

2.3 Normal Web

Location Purpose Homepage. Landing page. Project and document repositories. Personal and project ticketing system. Mailing lists.

3 Considerations

3.1 Audiences

Like a lot of folk who post online prolifically1, I have a few different "audiences," with some overlap between members. In my reckoning, the audiences I probably have are:

3.1.1 MUD Developers

Folk interested in the development of MUD engines. All in this group probably are in MUD Players and Writers.

3.1.2 MUD Players and Writers

Folk interested in playing MUDs, or being MUD creators: content-writers. Some overlap with MUD developers.

3.1.3 Writers

Folk interested in the craft of writing, specifically probably grammar and folk linguistics.

3.1.4 Emacs and Org-mode Users

Folk interested in the Emacs text editor and its Org-mode… mode. Probably some overlap with Writers.

3.1.5 Web Designers

Folk interested in designing webpages - though I would post more generally about documents.

3.2 Linking

I link between my stuff a lot, so being able to hand-write the links to stuff is important. I don't care so much about being able to hand-link federated or legacy social media posts, but hand-linking to source repos is important.

3.3 Using instead of a dedicated website

Same motivation - that I haven't previously explained - as for why I don't mind there being a bit of Org-mode showing in my published documents: it's a platform used so extensively through my works that a passing familiarity, gained through osmosis, is a useful tool for my audience to develop, if they don't have it already.

3.4 Community

Rather than have a bunch of stuff at, I think I'd rather use a bunch of FOSSy services. I have my desktop set up well enough and have home backups so as long as I never make it so that it's ONLY on the SaaS, I'll be good.



Prolific Online Posters, or POPs?

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