Plans: January 20, 2019

1 Introduction

Today my partner is working in the evening, so I'd like to take the time to stream something on my Twitch profile during that time. (Around 2000h to 0200h UTC tomorrow, probably, - 3pm to 9pm east coast US.)

I'm not sure what I'll be working on, though.

2 The Choices

2.1 Option 1: MUD Engine

Maybe I'll get to looking at my MUD engine again - code for running a text-based multiplayer online role-playing game. I wanna do it literately programmed, because the goal of the project has always been as an educational tool.

(I think, because it's a running application, I should detangle the source from the docs, rather than use :noweb. But I'm probably still wrong.)

2.2 Option 2: Literate Static Site Generator

Another Org-mode project, this one would involve lots of watching me read and mumble as I learn about how I would approach writing a static site generator with org-mode. Right now, is a literately programmed static site, but it's not generative - all the content is hardcoded into the file. I'd like to make it so that one could have an Org-mode file with builder functions, component templates, document templates, and content, that when detangled, would build out appropriate documents from its contained source.

This one is WAY over my head with my current skills; I'd have to learn elisp too, but I'm real interested in doing it - I see Org-mode and making HTML documents featuring heavily into my future, and so familiarizing myself with the software is important.

2.3 Option 3: Learn to Make Custom Latex Classes

This one is the one I know the least about: how to make custom latex classes. I've looked at it a little bit but tbh I wasn't even sure what directory they were in. Might be too difficult to stream, but if someone who's an expert tunes in and wants to help, I'd love to get this accomplished.

2.4 Option 4: Look at Literately Programming with R

R is the… programming language…? academicfolk use to do… stuff… with lots and lots of data.

I have something that I think could be best represented as "lots and lots of data:" a fantasy setting that I've used for stories and role-playing sessions. It's got lots of places, people, things, and stats.

I'd love to program it in some way that the world history automatically updates the relevant sections in the atlas, for example - marking that a family of 8 moved from one town to another properly adjusts their populations.

2.5 Option 5: Sort Old Content

I have a really large backlog of content - at last rough count, it was something like 700,000 words of essays, fiction, and poems.

I'm slowly working on how I manage those pieces (each its own git repo), and it might be interesting to some of y'all

Created: 2019-04-29 Mon 00:38