Introducing Teraum, Winter 2018


This "essay" was originally written to serve as the introduction to the world of Teraum, when it was organized as a single document.

Introducing Teraum, Winter 2018

I don't know how to introduce someone to Teraum. The fiction as an abstract has been a part of my life since I was a small child. It was that place where adventures were set. It was always kind of a silly place, with wizards that liked to play pranks, and knights that fell into the mud when trying to get on their horses.

As I grew, the place where adventures were set became more concrete. Cities gained names, empires were assigned history, and heroes learned about themselves. The world itself gained a name: Tero kun thaum1, which was eventually shortened to Teraum.

Much of what was concrete about Teraum was lost in the chaos of my early adulthood, but in recent years I've had an interest in coming back to it, and so, I have.

Teraum is still silly.

At the start of things, it was hard to know what it is I want to write about, for many reasons. I began with three headlines: people, places, and things. I began to write what I remembered.

Not long after I began, I had the idea that it would be fun to run a role-playing game in the setting. The game didn't last, but it did give me the seed of the first story I planned to tell: how an outlawed band of treasure-hunters, stay one step ahead of the quickly growing evil, while both groups pursue the same goal: bringing magic back to the world.

With that in mind, places and and a rough history began to coalesce from the memories of my childhood fantasy, and new ideas. This led to new stories, which led to new places, and new histories.

Past this introduction, you'll find those stories. At the moment, they're divided into three series:

  • Tales from Teraum which are short stories of assorted tone and subject, their only unifying trait is that they all occur in Teraum.
  • The Delvers is either a series of short stories or a novel, following the adventures of the aforementioned outlaw treasure-hunters.
  • Past the Garden Green is a set of scripts about several children who live in a beautific estate where there is no magic, but routinely sneak off to explore the increasingly magic world outside.

I enjoy tabletop role-playing games myself, so there are also a collection of adventures: plots that can be used by a group to build their own adventure.

To support these efforts, there's also an encyclopedia, timeline, and atlas.

One other note - some headlines have [3/11] or similar after their text. This is an indication of how many sections are complete, against how many sections there are total.



This is roughly, "Earth with magic," in Esperanto, but using "thaum" instead of "magio." No, I do not know Esperanto, I just use its dictionary when I need a name.

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Created: 2019-04-29 Mon 00:39