Teraum: A Tragically Funny Fantasy Setting


Teraum is an open-source fantasy setting currently in early and active development.

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Project Overview

Below is a hand-crafted listing of contents, followed by an auto-generated index.

Stories are the easiest way to get into Teraum - there are a few series in development. There are also adventures written for tabletop role-players. There are also reference books that serve to supplement both of those. Essays are texts about Teraum as a project, not the world itself.


Stories are linear narratives following some series of events within the world. There are currently three series in development:

Tales from Teraum, short stories set throughout Teraum's history, The Delvers, a longer story set during the world's "Reconstruction Era," and Past the Garden Green, a radioplay set during the same era.

Tales from Teraum

Tales from Teraum are short pulpy stories.

The Delvers

The Delvers follows the adventures of an outlaw group who explore the stranger parts of Teraum, during the world's Reconstruction Era. Magic is just coming back into the world, and they're working to make sure its power doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Past the Garden Green

Five children live peaceful lives in a rural estate. They're allowed to explore the house and vast grounds with great freedom, with one rule: don't go past the garden green. So what do they do?

Past the Garden Green explores the return of magic through the eyes of five inquisitive children who sneak out into the woods past their house.


Adventures are collections of information about a setting, characters, and plot, meant for use in a tabletop role-playing game. They're written for the Brave Old World ruleset, which was written for Teraum. They're divided into three categories, based on roughly how long it takes to play them.

Campaigns are lengthy adventures, meant to be told over the course of many sessions. Scenarios last a few sessions, while one-shots can usually be done in a single session. A session is anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours. Additionally, each adventure falls into one of two categories: contemporary adventures which are set during "present day," on Teraum (roughly springtime and early summer in the year 80pc - the early days of the Reconstruction Era,) and historic adventures which are set at any time before that.

One more note - to avoid spoilers, the description of each adventure is unlikely to be useful until you've read it.


At the moment, there are no campaigns in active development, though it is likely that I will convert The Delvers into one.


At the moment, there also aren't any scenarios in active development.


  • The Celson Estate is a contemporary adventure set in Oru County in the Farsteppes. The party has been asked to reclaim a noble's estate, which has been occupied by bandits.
  • The Crown of Idbol Bark is a contemporary adventure set in Sherwyn County in the Green Delta. The party has been hired to track down who is kidnapping villagers and livestock.
  • Feinting Fiends is a historic adventure set in the town of Bellybrush during the early Reconstruction Era. The party must investigate the mysterious noises occuring in a thrift shop.
  • Panic Room is a historic adventure set in at the Lorrestar Estate in Arathel County, in the Green Delta, during the early Reconstruction Era. The party is exploring a mansion with a vast spell library.

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