Atlas of Ack


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Atlas of Ack


The city known as Ack did have another name, at one point. But it was a fishing port, and downstream to the whole of humanity, and so its true name was replaced by the sound visitors made when they first hit the cloud of pollution and stench that saturates the area: a deep, throaty ack!

Ack is the largest human city in the world, located where the Green River flows into the Optic Ocean. It is laid out as seventeen wards, many of which have semi-autonomous internal governments, while the city as a whole is governed by the Red State.



The city of Ack was founded in [873bc by human fisherfolk, who found the delta of the Green River a pleasant place to relax and compare the size of their catches. The first ward of the city - though it wasn't called such at the time - was the Dock Ward. As fisher captains would retire, they would lean their decommissioned vessels against the town, eventually forming a pallisade of sorts.

Merchant King Coup

In 70pc, prominent merchants from each of the city's wards met to discuss how to best deal with the growing city's problems, and need for governance in the wake of the Great Wars. The conclusion of the meetings was that the merchants named themselves the Ackian Merchant Kings and claimed to be the legitimate government of Ack. Through a series of terror attacks, the Kings destroyed many of the Astar Empire's remaining facilities in the city.

Fire of 80pc

On the 14th of Blooming, 80pc, at around 1100h, the One Route a small merchant ship, docked in the city. Among the passengers were the Vagrant, posing as Wayne Helder, Brother Sun, and Ilea, humans visiting the city from the New World for various reasons. They were greeted by Elo, a member of the Chandlers Guild who was pretending to represent the Red State, then the Red Ward. He guides them to "customs office" adjacent to the docks where the group is greeted by Wybert, another member of the Chandlers Guild.

After being left alone for a moment, Ilea rummages through paperwork in the office and when questioned, presents herself as Atrix Hucklebee, a member of the Blacksmiths Guild who had returned from Gnalens the previous ten-day. The Vagrant, believed to be Wayne Helder, is taken to a different office because of his noble status, and locked in. Ilea and Brother Sun are locked into another office.

Fearful, Ilea sets a small scroll of parchment on fire and uses it to set fire to a bookshelf in the room. This causes Elo and Wybert to return to investigate, allowing Ilea and Brother Sun to escape by fleeing further into Ack.

The fire quickly spreads through the building, which was a warehouse for the Chandlers Guild, and structural damage allowed Wayne Helder to escape. He re-boarded the One Route, which was rapidly departing to try and escape being burnt.

Shortly after the Vagrant's departure from the area, a distillery located under the warehouse was ignited and caused the building and its neighbors to explode, sending burning debris into neighboring blocks.

Due in part to the overpopulation of the city, the fire quickly spread to other wards. By 1300h the Squash Ward had burnt, and by 1400h the Copper Ward had also burnt. Chaos caused by the fire leads to opportunistic riotiing, leading to several arsons in remote parts of the city.

By 1600h the Red Ward has quelled the fires around their part of the city, and is offering debt forgiveness in exchange for assistance in trying to stop the fire, and by 1700h the fire has been contained to the southwestern part of the city.

By evening, rumors of how the fire was started began to spread. Most from the wards surrounding the Dock Ward correctly suspected a sing-sing laboratory in that area. In the north part of the city, it was popular to believe that the fire was started by the Cloudbound Trading Company, seeking to eliminate competitors. Conspiratorial-minded folk in all parts of society suspected the fire was started intentionally by the Red Ward in an attempt to seize control of the city from the remaining Merchant Kings.

By 2000h, the fire was mostly extinguished. The Red Ward negotiated with the Chandlers Guild to handle the distribution of goods within the city, while the Blacksmith's Guild began to set up warehouses outside of town, in the area along the Green River between Ack and Bellybrush. In total, 12,000 people including Elo, died and 80,000 were displaced.

The fire had lasting effects on the city and the surrounding region.

Establishment of the Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure

After the fire, the Red Ward continued to use their influence to fund early reconstruction. Due to the large number of displaced people, especially those from the poorer areas of the city, their efforts extended into the area of the Green Delta immediately around the city.



In through the fifth decade post-Collapse, very wide lapels on leather vests were quite popular. Those made from salmonskin from the New World were the most popular.

Wards of Ack

Astar Ward

Located at marker 3 on the map of Ack.

Brass Ward

Marker 14 on the map of Ack.

114 Caliper Street
Twisted Alembic
Chandlers Guild

Copper Ward

Located at marker 13 on the map of Ack.

Dock Ward

Located at marker 8 on the map of Ack.


Located at marker 26 on the map of Ack, the Eastgate is the eastern gate out of the city, leading to the Kingsroad.


The Northward is located at marker 2 on the map of Ack.

Red Ward

The Red Ward is one of Ack's oldest, first constructed in 721bc out of the red clay native to the Green Delta.


The Squashward is one of the newest areas of Ack, despite being located directly south of the Dock Ward, the oldest part of the city. The ward has been home to the city's more poor labor class for many years, though in the wake of the Fire of 80pc, the Red Ward has begun reconstructing the area as entertainment district.

Hucklebee, Atrix

Atrix Hucklebee is a human member of the Blacksmith's Guild.

Red Ward

The Red Ward is a district of the city of Ack and a quasi-governmental organization which operates out of that district.

Squash Ward

The Squash Ward was one of the wards of the city of Ack prior to its destruction in the Fire of 80pc.



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