Atlas of the Farsteppes and Beyond


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Atlas of the Farsteppes and Beyond

Helmet's Dent

Castle Oru
Celson, Nash

Nash Celson is a human con artist who lives in the town of Helmet's Dent, in the Farsteppes.


The Farfarsteppes are a region in the Old World.


The Farsteppes are a region in the Old World. The demonym is "Farstepper."

Helmet's Dent

Helmet's Dent is a human town in the Farsteppes. Originally a mining community, it has become a trading community that facilitates commerce between the nomadic human tribes of the Farsteppes and the settled humans in the Central Plains.

House Ellon

House Ellon is a defunct noble house in the Farsteppes that previously controlled what is now Castle Oru and the lands around it.

House Monic

House Monic is an estate in the Farsteppes, one of the few still owned by nobility.

House Oru

House Oru is the governing body of Oru County. It is led by Renkah Oru.

Lazy Mare Tribe

The Lazy Mare Tribe is a nomadic group of humans who live in the Farsteppes. They are known for their mercantile prowess


In 3400bc, the Lazy Mare Tribe invented ragar, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented mares milk.




Ragar is an alcoholic beverage made from mare's milk. It is the cultural drink of many nomadic human communities in the xFarsteppes.



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