Atlas of the New World


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Atlas of the New World

Optic Islands

Tapir-Weir Isles

Halfling Country


Gnalens is a human city in Halfling Country, in New World. It is governed by the Governor, under charter from the Red Ward.

Bonnet County

Bonnet County is a region of Halfling Country just west of Gnalens, on the border of the Southwoods. It was owned by the Bonnet family from 17pc until 69pc.

Bonnet Estate
Bonnet Family
Bonnet, Stede

See the Vagrant.

Brother Sun

Brother Sun is a human monk who lived in a monastery in the Elflands before traveling to the Old World in 80pc.



Ilea is a human hunter who lived in Halfling Country before traveling to the Old World in 80pc.

Early Life

Ilea was born on a human farm in the northwest part of Halfling Country, near its border with the Elflands, in 53pc. She had an interest in scouting those woods as a young child, which her parents encouraged. She apprenticed with local hunters, who worked to quell to local elf population.

Immigration to the Old World

In 80pc, Ilea immigrated from the New to Old World. On the 9th of Showers, 80pc, she boarded the One Route,

Current Information
Lystran Monastery

The Lystran Monastery is an human monastery in the Elflands, built in 51bc by monks who worshipped Lystra, who were seeking to avoid the modernization of magic.


Brother Sun.

Mother Jaffa

Mother Jaffa is a human who runs the orphanage in the town of Bellybrush.

New World

The New World is a continent of unknown size located east across the Optic Ocean. Discovered by humans in 72bc, the continent is natively home to elves and formerly halflings.

Discovery by Humans

In 72bc, human explorers from Ack reached the New World, arriving in the northern part of Halfling Country.


The Southwoods are a wooded region in the southern part of Halfling Country.

Tapir-Weir Isles

The Tapir-Weir Isles are a small archipelago in the Optic Ocean, about 50 miles off the coast of the Widewoods.

Vagrant, The

The Vagrant is a human criminal.



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