Beastiary of Magic Creatures


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Beastiary of Magic Creatures

Collapsed Species

A bugbear is a type of magic creature. They are between 8 to 9 feet tall… more description to come.


Most bugbears live solitary lifestyles, though some manage to subjugate other creatures to establish servile communities. Notably, many goblins have ended up working for a bugbear after the bugbear destroys the goblins' existing home.

Beastiary of Magic Creatures



The gods are a collection of lifeforms (though not a single species) whose only shared attribute is that they require belief for sustenance.




Devin is a magic cactus that grows somewhere in the Unseen Sea. Devin is approximately 120 feet tall, and has a long root which extends to the Worldkeep, into the roof of Knotted Hell. It is rumored that one could descend his root system to access the Worldkeep. Devin smokes cigarettes.


Elves are a fallen species in the New World , occupying the Elflands and more remote parts of Halfling Country.


Goblins are a species of magical creature, and the oldest sapient species on Teraum. Native to the Widewoods, they at one point had settlements as far as the Central Plains and Unseen Sea.

Physically, goblins are between three to four-and-a-half feet tall, with black hair and skin that is various shades of blue and green. They are capable of withstanding carbon dioxide poisoning for significantly longer than humans, which they use their advantage.

Their small size led to them being subjugated by other magical species throughout their history, and that oppression has shaped their culture.


Goblins have a strong oral history featuring many folk heroes, most amalgams of many leaders combined.

They also hate horses, so will gang up on them and eat them.

Oral History
Escape from the Worldkeep

In 29400bc, a clan of goblins led by Uzdar Brag raided the Knotted Hell region of the Worldkeep.


Halflings are an extinct species that formerly occupied Halfling Country in the New World, before the Collapse caused them to fall and they were hunted by the also-fallen elves.


After the Collapse, halflings were hunted to extinction by elves.


Imps are a magic species.


Nowits are a sapient species who are created by wizards who pursue immortality and fail.


Orcs are a magical species.

Ravens, Unusually Large

Unusually large ravens are an avian species not native to Teraum. It is suspected that they are exploring the planet on behalf of Odin, a god. This suspicion is true, they are looking for one of Odin's favorite glass eyes, which is currently stitched into.

Spiders, Giant

Giant spiders are a species of magical creature.



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