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Encyclopedia of Historic Vessels


The Hunnul was an airship built by the Cloudbound Trading Company. It operated a trade route between Helmet's Dent, Tayopolis, and Ack.

Last Flight

At around 1100h on the 12th of Blooming, 80pc, people began boarding the Hunnul in the town of Helmet's Dent, in the Farsteppes. Among the passengers are Renkah, Freke, Kindal, and Jenos Anadini.

Operated by the Cloudbound Trading Company, the Hunnul normally traveled from Helmet's Dent to Tayopolis before arriving in Ack.

This time, stop in Tayopolis was being bypassed due to storms, so the ship was bound straight for Ack. This meant the Hunnul would be traveling further north over the Central Plains than normal.

Around four hours later, when entering the Green Delta, the Hunnul was attacked by unusually large ravens, and began to crash.

As it descended, Renkah, Freke, Kindal, and Jenos were teleported to a concrete hallway occupied by Jerry the Nowit. Jerry requested a book from the four humans, while unintentionally causing them physical harm with his vision.

When Jerry learned the four do not have the book he is looking for, he attacked Jenos and Freke, injuring Jenos. However, before Jerry is able to harm Freke, the four humans are teleported back to the Hunnul, which has just impacted into a cabbage field in southern Pled County. They gather their supplies and begin to head to the main road and nearest town, Bellybrush.


At around 1030h on the 13th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal used the Red Ward Job Board in Bellybrush to recruit Ross Camden to recover some of his belongings from the site where the Hunnul's cargo cabin crashed the previous day.

They're able to recover some items, though their efforts are inhibited by the presence of fascists who are also interested in looting the wreckage, and unusually large ravens who appeared, to Kindal, to be searching through the wreckage for a specific item.



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