Geography and Settlements of the Green Delta


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Geography and Settlements of the Green Delta

Towns of the Green Delta


Alindest is a small human village in Marby County, located on the road to Arlonest, south of Ack. Located at marker 23 on the map of the Green Delta.


Arathel is the human-populated county seat of Arathel County, in the northwest Green Delta. First settled in 478bc as a logging community, Arathel is one of the larger towns in the community. It is governed by a council of local commercial leaders. its primary exports are wool, limestone, and cokeberries. Notably, Arathel was the capital of the Astar Empire. For more information, see "Arathel" in the Arathel County Gazetteer.


Bellybrush is town in the Green Delta. It is the primary suburb of the human city of Ack, located about a half-mile east along the Kingsroad. The town was founded in 701bc as a retirement community for the fisherfolk of Ack, and quickly grew into an agricultural community in its own right, focused around the raising of pigs.


Pled is the county seat of Pled County, in the northwest Green Delta.


Chauntean Monastery

The Chauntean Monastery is a brick and lumber building in northwest Sherwyn County that was constructed in 1140bc.

Carrot Docks

The Carrot Docks are a small port south of Ack.


Chert is a type of rock found in the southern Green Delta and into the Widewoods.

Chauntean Ruffians

The Chauntean Ruffians were a local militia in northwest Sherwyn County, based out of the Chauntean Monastery. The majority of the Ruffians were killed by Brother Sun, Ilea, and the Vagrant on the 14th of Blooming, 80pc.


Craig, Greg (deceased), Breg (deceased), Queg (deceased), Eric (deceased), Jeff (deceased), Jorge (deceased), Carter (deceased), Sammy (deceased), Ja'Michael (deceased), Decio (deceased), Waltin (deceased), Leonte (deceased), and Rodnell (deceased).

Massacre of 80pc

Dorth is a small village in the Green Delta.


Erenin is a village in the Green Delta.


Eridrin is a small town in TK.


Forlond is a small village in the Green Delta.

Green Delta

The Green Delta is a temperate region in the Old World. The demonym for inhabitants is "Deltan."


Ack is the de facto capital of the human world. See the entry for Ack.


Bellybrush is a large human town located approximately one-and-a-half miles east of the city of Ack along the Kingsroad.

Canary Docks

The Canary Docks, located at marker 1 on the map of the Green Delta is a small smugglers port located about 15 miles north of Ack, on the coast of the Optic Ocean.

Green River

The Green River is a large river that flows from the Worldkeepers to the Optic Ocean.

Kaiper River

The Kaiper River is a small river that flows through the northwest Green Delta, originating from marshes in the northern part of Arathel County.


Kibbil is a small town in southwest Arathel County, just south of the Kaiper River, and approximately 10 miles east of the Canary Docks. It is located at marker 2 of the map of the Green Delta.


The Kingsroad is a road that follows the southern coast of the Green River through the Green Delta and into the Central Plains.


Lanfon is a small village in the Green Delta.


Marby is a town in the Green Delta.


Nulbuk is a village in the Green Delta.


Sharrin is a village in the Green Delta.


Sheep are a domesticated species that are cultivated for their many useful products. They are cultivated by humans throughout the world, with the except of the Unseen Sea.


Sheep are perhaps most known for their wool, a textile fiber sheared from their coat.


Sherwyn is a town in the southeast part of the Green Delta, and is the county seat of Sherwyn County.

Sherwyn County
Northwest Sherwyn County

Terro is a village in the Green Delta.


Wafeld is a village in the Green Delta.



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