Gnalens Gazetteer


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Gnalens Gazetteer


Gnalens is a human city in Halfling Country in New World. It is governed by the Governor, under charter from the Red Ward.


Cokeberries are a tart purple berry that grow natively in Arathel County]], and have been cultivated in the area around Gnalens.

Falone, Ander

Ander Falone is the lieutenant governor of the city of Gnalens in the New World.


The Governor is the leader of the city of Gnalens and the surrounding farmland in Halfling Country.

Helder, Wayne

Wayne Helder was a member of the merchant class in the city of Gnalens and a member of the Leatherworkers Guild.

Wattsman's Medicinal

Wattsman's Medicinal was a apocathery in Gnalens.



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