History and Biographies of the Delvers


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History and Biographies of the Delvers

Anadini, Jenos

Jenos Anadini is a human member of the Delvers. Born in the town of Pled in 43pc, Anadini spent his young adulthood as a soldier in the Great Wars, before deserting and cultivating his interest in archaeology. He currently works with the Delvers as a field agent.

The character of Jenos Anadini was originally created by Jeb Brinkley.

Early Life

Jenos Anadini was born in the town of Pled, in the Green Delta, in 43pc, to a family of farmers. Pled, at that time, was a small village that was becoming a crossroads for trade between people in the Delta and those living in the Central Plains.

He was the only child of his parents who, like many whom grew up during the Age of heroes, were very protective of him. Jenos spent much of his childhood working on his family's farm, but would also talk to merchants passing through the region.

Participation in the Great War

In 60pc, when war broke out between the powers of the Green Delta, Jenos joined the army of Glavin the White, leader of Jenos' hometown of Pled and much of the surrounding land. For the first five years, Glavin's army is able to make tremendous progress in turning the war from a defensive war to an invasion of much of the Delta region. During that time, Jenos was able to rise out of the lowest ranks of Glavin's army, but did not pursue becoming an officer. When given the opportunity, Jenos preferred to work in the ktichens or doing other support work.

In early 66pc, the war began to turn, and Jenos was a support person for several severe defeats. After these, he was forced to join the fighting at the Second Battle for Enrich's Mill Jenos deserted after his entire force routed.

Archaeological Career

Unable to find legitimate work as a deserter, Jenos Anadini earned his living by scavenging scrap from abandoned structures in the region. This developed a latent interest in archaelogy, as Jenos began to focus on investigating and analyzing the structures he explored.

It was during this period that Anadini began to use sing-sing, a dried root with psychoactive properties, and began to learn the dwarven language.

By the late 70s, he was exploring dwarven outposts in the Farsteppes, and in 79pc, he discovered an original dwarvish copy of Maram's Marvelous Mirrors. Intrigued by the illustrations of complex dwarven constructions, Jenos Anadini decided to investigate the book. Unable to find knowledgeable individuals in the Farsteppes, Anadini booked passage on the airship Hunnul, departing on the 12th of Blooming, 80pc for the city of Ack.

The Hunnul was attacked by unusually large ravens, and durings its descent, Jenos and three passengers seated near him - Renkah Oru, Kindal, and Freke - were briefly teleported to Jerry's Hallway, where Jerry asked them for a book. Jenos offered up his copy of Marvelous Mirrors, but was informed it was the wrong book, and Jerry attacked him.

At that point Jenos and the others teleported back to the Hunnul at the moment it crashed into a cabbage field in the Green Delta, in southwest Pled County. They discovered themselves to be the only survivors, and upon recovering what supplies they could, went to the nearby town of Bellybrush, Ack's largest suburb.

The four rented two rooms at the Leaping Eel, and during the 13th of Blooming, Jenos spent time with Renkah, while the wounds incurred from Jerry's attack began to heal.

The following day, at around 1600h, Jenos goes with Kindal, another crash survivor, to Ye Olde Curio Shop, a thrift store run by Barnabus Trent, after seeing a listing on the job board.

The job was to investigate suspicious noises occurring in the store at night, but which stopped when Trent was not asleep in his upstairs room. After agreeing to the job, Jenos and Kindal went to the Waterfront Fletcher to buy additional supplies.

When they returned to the shop, they witnessed Siggrian Graymane, a local gentry demanding the return of a pair of dice which Trent claims to have never received.

That evening, the 14th of Blooming, while guarding the curio shop, Jenos and Kindal are attacked by imps, though neither is aware that's what they are. Jenos is stabbed through the shoulder by an obsidian knife from Trent's inventory. The imps disappear when Trent enters the room.

Introduction to Magic

The following morning, after listening to their description of events, Trent speculates that the attackers were imps, and requests that the two explore what was then the Lorrestar's Estate. Lorrestar was a wizard who lived during the Imperial Age.

Jenos and Kindal meet back up with Renkah and Freke, and by noon arrive at the estate, several miles north of Bellybrush, in Arathel County. The group encounters a multitude of seemingly-magic traps within the estate, which alarms them as magic is believed to have disappeared with the Collapse.

After disarming the traps, a door in the attic, leading to a pocket dimension, was unlocked, freeing the human wizard Jelf, who had been imprisoned since the Collapse. Jelf was immediately hostile to the group, and in the conflict, the estate's ground were burnt down, with the facade of the house taking heavy damage.

Jelf was assumed dead, and the group searched the house for any information on imps, with Jenos investigating the house's large spell library. There he discovered a book outlining the basics of prestidigitation, a concept he was unfamiliar with. Jenos studied the book through the night, smoking sing-sing as he did so. In the early morning, he mimicked the motions for creating snow from his fingertips, and successfully caused the effect.

However, Jenos and the rest of the group were unsuccessful in finding any information on imps, and returned to Bellybrush the morning of the 16th. On the way back to town, Jenos demonstrated his ability to create snow, to Renkah's amusement and Kindal and Freke's disbelief.

Joining the Delvers

When Jenos Anadini, Renkah Oru, Kindal, and Freke returned to Ye Olde CurioShop on the 16th of Blooming, 80pc, they confronted Barnabus Trent. They had returned from investigating what was then Lorrestar'sEstate, hoping to find information on imps, at Trent's suggestion.

Barnabus Trent explained that he had genuinely believed there might have been information on imps. Jenos, who was angry at having been repeatedly injured helping the thrift shop owner, demanded that Trent be more open.

Current Information
Fine Hat

Jenos Anadini has worn a leather-brimmed hat since the mid-70s. On the 12th ofBlooming, 80pc, after surviving the final flight of the airship Hunnul, he recovered a feather of an unusually large raven from the crash site and added stuck it into the hat.

Easy-Smoking Pipe

Given to Jenos Anadini on the 16th ofBlooming, 80pc by Barnabus Trent. See "Easy Smoking Pipe" in the Catalog of Magic Items.


Kindal is a human member of the Delvers.

Travel to the Green Delta

On the 12th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal boarded the airship Hunnul, bound for Ack. The ship was attacked and crashed, but Kindal was one of the four survivors.

Scavenging with Ross Camden

On the 13th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal used a job board in Bellybrush to hire Ross Camden to help him recover some of his supplies from the Hunnul's crash site.

Upon arrival, they encounter fascists who are hesitant to enter the crash site because of the presence of unusually large ravens.


Nell is a young girl who lives in the orphanage in the town of Bellybrush. She occassionally acquires magic items for Barnabus Trent.



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