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1 DRAFT Collapse, The

The Collapse was a catastrophic event in which all magic in Teraum destructed with chaotic effects, occuring on the 1st of Sleeting, 0pc.

The Collapse was caused due to magic's, well, magical properties. In this instance, it was that "too much magic in one spot causes it all to destruct chaotically."

1.1 Chronology of the Collapse

1.1.1 Background

Humanity's rapid growth, aided by the industrialization of magic, led to Ack becoming a center for economic activity.

1.2 Aftermath

2 DRAFT Denitus

Denitus was an accountant working for a bank in Ack prior to the Collapse.

3 DRAFT Kent, Bellarius

Bellarius Kent was an accountant for a bank in Ack whose ledgerkeeping catalyzed the Collapse.

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