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1 DONE Reinhard, Osmits

Osmits Reinhard was a human man who was one of the first people to settle the town of Arathel, in the northeastern part of the Green Delta. He established the Reinhard Lumber Mill in 477bc and constructed the Reinhard Estate in 470bc. In the summer of 460bc, after failing to pay his workers, he was hanged in the town square and his assets were seized by the villagers.

2 DRAFT Astar Empire

The Astar Empire was a human empire in the northern Green Delta from the 5th centuryBC to 70pc, when it was replaced by the Ackian Merchant Kings]] in a coup.

2.1 History

2.1.1 Founding

The Astar Empire was founded by Henri Astar, a member of the gentry class in Arathel, in roughly 440bc, who hired the first "army" from the unemployed in the town. In 438bc, Henri led about 60 folk on an attack across the Green River, stealing supplies from the Indenon Empire to the south.

3 DRAFT Astar, Henri

Henri Astar was a nobleman in the Green Delta in the 5th century BC, and the founder of the [[Astar Empire

3.1 Biography

3.1.1 Childhood as a Bandit

3.1.2 Settling in East Arathel

3.1.3 Success as a Merchant

3.1.4 Founding of the Astar Empire

In 440bc, Henri Astar began hiring the unemployed in Arathel, and began training them to be a militia. Many of the older unemployed were formerly bandits who had settled into the community during the 450s, and so Astar used them to train the younger members of his new militia.

The militia began to serve as a guard in the town, and was welcomed by the community, since it was made up of their own family members. To further cultivate their developing sense of community, Henri had the quilted armor they were equipped with dyed purple with the local cokeberries.

In 438bc,

4 DRAFT Imperial Age

5 DRAFT Indenon Empire

The Indenon Empire was a human empire that existed in the southwestern Green Delta from 490bc until ???. The area it occupied is known today as Sherwyn County.

5.1 History

5.1.1 Founding


5.1.2 War with Hill Dwarves

In 480bc, the Indenon Empire attacked the dwarves which lived to their east.

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