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Oru County Gazetteer


Wultha was a small human village in Oru County in the Farsteppes. On the 8th of Snowing, 80pc, the town was destroyed by goblins.

Key Description
1 Road to Castle Oru
3 Green Wayne tavern
8 Road to Culthbert
Green Wayne

The Green Wayne was a stout stone building with a thatched roof. It had a wooden bar with stools to the left when entered, with a hearth and several straw mats to the right. It was destroyed with the rest of the town during an attack by goblins.

Castle Oru
Culthbert Ciderworks

Run by Simon]] and Patricia Gladly, …

Gladly, Patricia
Gladly, Simon

Simon Gladly is the operator of Culthbert Ciderworks in the town of Culthbert in Oru County, in the Farsteppes. He is married to Patricia Gladly]] and the father of Susan Gladly]].

Gladly, Susan

Kolpe is Renkah's eldest son.

Harden, Jeyro

Jeyro was a sheriff working for House Oru.

Early Life

Related to Gegin Harden somehow.

Migration from Farsteppes
Tribal Schism
Investigation of Disappearances in Southwest Oru County

In the winter of 8th of Snowing, 80pc, Jeyro was working as a sheriff of sorts for House Oru. While at Castle Oru, he received a message from the village of Wultha, approximately fifteen miles southwest of the castle. The message stated that several villagers had gone missing in the area, and was requesting assistance.

Jeyro rode a horse to the town, arriving shortly before 1500h; it was a cold but sunny day. The de facto village represetative, Awold Stymy]], greeted Jeyro and explained what he knew.

  • The first disapperance, on the 27th of Frosting, was a traveling dressmaker who came into town with a handcart, and had made it known she would be heading to the larger town of Culthbert about 40 miles west after conducting her affairs in town, but never arrived.
  • The second disappearance was Susan Gladly on the 1st of Snowing, a cidermaker who brought in cider from the Culthbert Ciderworks on a mule-drawn wagon, but never arrived back in Culthbert. Awold has heard that the mule did, however.
  • The third disapperance was a local farmer boy on the [[2nd of Snowing, 80pc
  • The fourth disappearance was an unfamiliar out-of-towner who'd been staying at the Green Wayne inn, on the 3rd of Snowing.

After speaking with Awold, Jeyro visited the Green Wayne, the local tavern.Steri Err, the bartender and owner of the tavern. He provides more information:

  • The dress-seller's name was Janet, or Jane, or Janae.
  • The farm boy's name was Tobin Smiles, who also worked at Culthbert Ciderworks with Susan Gladly, the missing cider-seller.
  • The Green Wayne mostly sells cider from the Ciderworks, which is located on the road leading out of Culthbert toward Wultha. Susan made her trips once or twice a season.

With the sun going down in less than an hour, Jeyro spends his time at the bar before settling down in the cots.

At around 1800h, Jeyro hears a scream in the distance. He quickly gets up and goes out to his horse, who is quite agitated and spooked. Looking around, the town looks to stil be asleep, except for the bucking horse. Exploring, Jeyro begins walking west down the main road, away from where he rode into town.

Outside a distant hovel, about 100 yards back from the road, Jeyro saw a flicker of torchlight, and began to approach it cautiously. He heard a chattering sound around him, but is unable to source its location.

As he approached the hovel with the torch, he was attacked by a goblin wielding a bronze sword. At first he attempted to run from the goblin, but finds himself surrounded. After being stabbed in the gut by one goblin, he saw that the village was being burnt by the goblins, and villagers are beginning to run and fight in terror.

Jeyro was stabbed again, and sees a bugbear use an axe to collapse the roof of the tavern. Still attempting to flee, Jeyro was stabbed a third time before dying.

Goblin Attack
Green Wayne

The Green Wayne was a squat stone building in the north of town, with a small attached shed for holding horses. It had a bar and some tables, with a hearth and several straw cots for accepting overnight guests.

Oru County

Oru County is a region of land in the Farsteppes controlled by House Oru. Its seat is Castle Oru]], and it contains the towns of Culthbert and Wultha.

Goblin Activity in 80pc
Oru, Renkah

Renkah is a human leader in the Farsteppes.


Renkah Oru was born in 47pc in the Unseen Sea, a member of a nomadic tribe of humans. In 61pc she married Gegin Harden and two years later, in 63pc she gave birth to her first son, Kolpe.

In 65pc she gave birth to triplet daughters, Ronna, Donna, and Tonna, and in 68pc she gave birth to a son, Rual.

The next year, Renkah and Gegin, aware that the Unseen Sea was no longer able to provide a stable life, decided to emigrate. They set a course north, toward the Worldkeepers, knowing that the Farsteppes had suffered their own hardships, but aware that meant there would be land for those who could take it.

In 70pc, Gegin passed away from a sickness, but Renkah continued on her journey through the mountains.

In 73pc, Renkah settled into a castle in the Farsteppes that was occupied by a few of the staff, but abandoned by its noble house. She names it after the mythical Castle Oru of her tribe's history.

In 75pc, Renkah gives birth to another daughter, Ekunit.

On the 22nd of Rotting, 79pc, an accountant named Thomas Jonmark comes to Castle Oru from the Red Ward with an invoice for House Ellon, or whoever currently occupies their lands. Renkah decides to take Thomas hostage.

On the 3rd of Showering, 80pc Renkah is hired by Nash Celson in the town of Helmet's Dent, to be part of a team hired to kill bandits occupying his family home - actually House Monic - Celson promised the team, consisting of Renkah, Jenos Anadini, and Kindal, substantial financial compensation upon their success. Journeying to the location of the house, the team encountered a garlic boar, which attacked them. In trying to defend themselves, Jenos accidentally shoots Renkah through the leg, but they're successful in driving away the boar. Unfortunately, the time the fight took meant they didn't have time to make it to Celson's house before sundown, so they head back to Helmet's Dent.

Oru, Kolpe
Oru, Rual
Oru, Donna
Oru, Tonna
Oru, Ekunit
Oru, Ronna
Smiles, Tobin

Tobin Smiles was a farmer who worked at the Culthbert Ciderworks.


Tobin was born on the 7th of Droughting, 64pc in the town of Culthbert, in what is now Oru County]], in the Farsteppes.


On the 2nd of Snowing, 80pc, Tobin was kidnapped by goblins while working in the apple orchard.

Stymy, Awold

Awold Stymy was a human who lived in the town of Wultha and was the de facto representative of the community in external affairs. He died on the [[8th of Snowing, 80pc, when the town was pillaged by goblins.

Physical Description

Stmy had a black scraggly beard and black greasy hair.



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