Timekeeping on Teraum


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Timekeeping on Teraum

Timekeeping is the business of tracking time and days. Time is divided into years, each with 12 months containing three ten-day periods. There are also five annual holidays occuring every four years, with a sixth holiday occuring every four years, for a year that is 365.25 days long.

The calendar, having originally been established by humans in the Green Delta to coordinate agriculture, is largely defined by the weather in that region through the year. There are four seasons of three months each, each ending in a holiday, except the dry season which ends in two holidays.

Season Months… . . Holiday
Cold Frosting Snowing Sleeting Wintertyg
Wet Winter Melting Showering Springtyg
Hot Blooming Summer Droughting Summertyg (& Restyg, every 4 years)
Dry Browning Dusking Rotting Harvestyg & Feastyg








Sleeting is equivalent to Earth's January. Most known regions of Teraum are frozen, except the New World and southern parts of the Unseen Sea. The holiday of Wintertyg occurs after the last day of Sleeting. Formerly Deepwinter.


Winter is equivalent to Earth's February. Temperatures continue to drop, with parts of the New World dipping below freezing.


Melting is equivalent to Earth's March. Temperatures rapidly increase as the days lengthen. The spring equinox is on the 19th of Melting. Formerly Sunsets.


Showering is the eqivalent to Earth's April. The Central Plains thaw. Springtyg occurs after the last day of Showering. Formerly Storms


Blooming is the equivalent to Earth's May. The Farsteppes thaw. Formerly Melting.


Summer is the equivalent to Earth's June. The summer solstice is on the 20th of Summer. Formerly Flowers.


During the month of Droughting, the more temperate areas of the Farfarsteppes thaw.

The holiday of Summertyg occurs after the last day of the month, and every four years, another holiday follows, called Restyg.

Droughting is the equivalent to Earth's July.


Browning is the equivalent to Earth's August. In the Farfarsteppes, humans harvest whatever agriculture they planted in Droughting. Constructive Criticism Day is observed on the 15th of Browning, within the Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure. Browning was formerly called Highsun.


Dusking is the equivalent to Earth's September. The autumn equinox is the 21st of Dusking. The Farfarsteppes freeze. Formerly, Fading. Harvestyg occurs after the last day of Dusking.


Rotting is the equivalent to Earth's October. Formerly Leaffall.


Frosting is the equivalent to Earth's November. Formerly Rotting.


Snowing is the equivalent to Earth's December. Formerly Drawing. The winter solstice is on the 20th of Drawing.





The holiday of Summertyg comes after the month of Droughting. Every four years, the holiday of Restyg comes after Summertyg, otherwise, the next day is the 1st of Browning. For most humans, Summertyg is a day of rest, but there is no collective means of celebrating the day.




Stellar Occurrences

Winter Solstice

Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice

Autumn Equinox


Constructive Criticism Day



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