Tales from Teraum #1 The Man With Light


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Tales from Teraum #1 The Man With Light

This story begins on the 2nd of Sleeting,44bc. It follows the invention of the lumorb by Dr. Altar Sendvogue, with appearances from (in order of appearance) Ben Finely, Maggie Hectic, and HowardGiniper. These events take place around the BrassWard in the city of Ack: in Dr. Sendvogue's home, the Twisted Alembic tavern, and Chandlers Guildoffices.

Ben didn't dislike his job, even on days like this, when it seemed like the clouds were working overtime to pull up the ocean and drop it on his head. The pay was enough to keep him living on the north side of the river, and just last week he'd let out his belt another notch.

The work was simple enough: maintain the lampposts on the few blocks he had been assigned to. Usually that just meant refilling the oil and replacing wicks. If a lantern was damaged, he would mark it with a stick of chalk.

Ben's route took him through one the back corners of the city's Brass Ward, where bureaucrats and craftsmen maintained the industry that supplied the ward's high street with goods for sale. He preferred it to the busier streets, and with today's rain, the streets were nearly empty.

One of Ben's favorite buildings on his route was 114 Caliper Street. A lean wooden building, its black paint put it in contrast to the brightly painted workshops of jewelers and offices of accountants that surrounded it.

Unlike many buildings around, it had no banner or sign, except its numberplate, and its windows were shuttered closed. For the past few months, cerulean blue light had leaked through those shutters, and on rainy evenings like this, the brick street cast the light back up, giving every passerby a pallor.


the home and workshop of Dr. Altar Sendvogue. He didn't know it as such - to Ben, it was simply "that strange house." For the past few months, the windows to the lean wooden building had been shuttered closed, but that didn't keep cerulean light from leaking into the street. On evenings like tonight, the light bounced off the wet brick street and back into the faces of the few strangers on the street, giving them a ghostly appearance as they stared at the oddly-lit building.

Ben often wondered what was happening in that building. Compared to the workshops of jewelers and offices of accountants that were on the rest of the street

inside, sendvogue invents the lumorb, a lightbulb. This enrages the powerful chandler's guild, who trash his lab and threaten his apprentice. drinking with a friend at the twisted alembic, angry, sendvogue drunkenly rants that destroying his lab does nothing, he still has the idea, and it's a simple idea, and he draws the schematic for the lightbulb on a napkin. another inventor suggests using his prototype printing press to make a lot of copies and, under cover of night, post them around the city - on the chandler guild's lampposts, no less!

cut to the last scene, a member of the chandlers guild is outside the burnt down remains of where sendvogue's home and laboratory once stood, replacing a lightbulb at the top of a lamppost.



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