Tales from Teraum, #2 "Oscar's Journey"


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This story follows the journey of Oscar Jayne from his hometown of Wultha to the ruined city of Ack, shortly after the Collapse of magic.

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Oscar's Journey

oscar jayne was sitting in a deer stand when the collapse happened. his first clue of it was the rainbow that seemed to be in that suddenly rose out of the horizon, from the direction of the nearby mine, despite the cloudless sky. he couldn't recall ever seeing before.

but oscar'd been in that stand all day, and a some strange weather wasn't going to drive him home. who's to say the rainbow wasn't a good omen?

and sure enough, just a few minutes later, oscar saw his first deer of the day, flying in over the treetops - also, from the direction of the mine.

Oscar also did not recall ever seeing a deer fly, and he felt as though he would.



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