Tales from Teraum #4 Hunting Anatinan


Tales from Teraum, #4: "Hunting Anatitan of Mezvarmaj"

Set shortly after the Cataclysm, Hunting Anatitan of Mezvarmaj is part of King Oscar's legend. Oscar is an older man, and has established the Kingdom of Tay. Patrolling his lands, the good King encounters Samson of Bentknuckle, who is on a quest to slay the mutant platypus, Anatitan, from the great forests of Mezvarmaj, to the east of the Kingdom of Tay. Oscar, and three of his knights agree to go on this quest. While on their journey, the five exchange tales of their journeys since the end of the world.

"Here's to moderation," King Oscar said, raising a clay mug and smiling at those watching him. "And here's to what we do instead!" he laughed, quaffing the contents of the glass.

"So tell me, boy. What it is you wanna kill?" King Oscar asked, turning to face the dimuniative Samson of Bentknuckle.

"A platypus, sir. A village-destroying platypus, though," Sam justified.

A man is instructed to hunt the monster platypus Anatitan, to recover things necessary for the marriage ritual his fiance's father (a powerful wizard) wants. Man is basically like "wtf you clearly just made up this ritual, this monster is at most like 4 years old, the apocalypse just fucking happened old man" wizard laughs man goes to kill this fucking platypus, you fucking tosser

on way, runs into oscar of ack oscar agrees to help in the hunt, with his 3 (maybe?) companions

dude is like "but mezvarmaj is like so fucking far away" oscar's like "ITS COOL BRO WELL TELL STORIES ABOUT WHAT WEVE SEEN SINCE THE END OF THE WORLD" dude is like "fucking kill me now, I bet one of y'all is a goddamn queer, I mean minstrel, aren't you?" one is dammit.jpg

so they go to the tavern/inn whatever to sleep, y'know. introductions take place, everyone says where they're from and waht they did before the apocalypse.

so they walk and tell stories

dunno who or what stories to tell yet, come up with more of them. Four total:

Oscar, tells of going to find his hometown destroyed, and Ack is long gone.

Minstreldude, who had taken it upon himself to engage in adventuring so he might write songs about it to preserve this shitty era for all time. jackass. Wait fuck… to have a minstrel means I need to make up a song, or least something with meter. TITS

Someone originally from Tayopopopolis. Speaks like "First the coyote came and ate the sun." Oscar explains that Tayopopolis had drug problems.

hero, who was from a small town and then there was a wizard who moved in after the apocalypse and had a smoking hot daughter, who he was now being sent on a suicide mission for

eventually they find and kill the monster, it's really easy, especially since there's like 12 of them.

maybe they should just go to the local town and buy a cann… oh wait, cannons don't work

a ballista. is that how you spell it?

Anyone one of those giant bolts and PLATZILLA IS DEEEAD

quest complete.



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