Tales from Teraum #6 Jenth Cavern


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Jenth Cavern

This is meant to be a sci-fi straight story, asimov/haldenfeld (I think? forever war) tone. 80 years or so after the cataclysm. Basically, a story about two explorers who are running from bandits, reach a cliff, hide in a cave. bandit's don't follow

they figure, cave probably goes down, they can find safety that way

as they start to descend, start to find crazy plant/animal things, some mobile, some stagnant. an entire ecosystem, only within this cave. Just have pretty descriptions and scenery. Demonstrate cool wild magic

Eventually the two are assimilated, but they're okay with it. Should be eerie here "such and such picked up the rock and joined in following the [cave monster thing] to expand the nest, not even realizing he had given up on seeking a way out" y'know.



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