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1 COMPLETE To My High School History Teacher   @letter

Ms. X,

My name is Morgan Sennhauser. You may not remember me but I was a student in your class, I think in 2005/2006, though maybe the year before.

I wasn't a good student - I didn't do my work, and I was snarky and rude to you. But you were an amazing teacher. I've been thinking about you a lot recently. I wonder how you would choose to speak about contemporary political events.

I was thinking about you a lot yesterday, reading different people's responses to the resignation of Jeff Sessions. I kept thinking back to the one lesson that I remember most from your class: learn to distinguish primary sources from secondary, and weigh them accordingly.

You did your job, teaching us the names, dates, and places that matter from history. But you also taught me how to determine what those facts mean, how to interpret them on my own, and how to learn how to interpret them better as I learned more.

Thank you, so, so, so very much, Morgan Sennhauser

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